Gimme five minutes with Chris Brown

chris-brown-rihannaMan… Chris. What in the world possessed you to raise your hand to any woman. I know there are some big, threatening women out there in which legally defending yourself may be the only realistic option, but Rihanna at 5 foot nothing is hardly that kind of woman.

Also, as an African American, I know for sure your mother didn’t raise you to hit women. You should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t get it when people, men especially, beat up on the weaker… whether its male or female. Is it that big of a deal to you to prove you are superior?

You know what, Karma is a cruel mistress. She will come back to pay what’s due. If you have to remember one woman to never treat poorly, let it be her. I’m not really big into R&B, but I did like Chris Brown and Ne-Yo’s style. They were like how Usher used to be, minus the cocky attitude. At least there’s still Ne-Yo.