How to blow your nose

Obama 2008You probally learned to blow your nose watching your parents as a child. That’s probaly where you picked up most of your bad habits. Have you ever wondered if you were blowing your nose correctly? You may have thought I was joking, but I can assure you the New York times thought it was important enough to take the time and explain how to blow your nose the correct way. Personally, I like to blow my nose one nostril at a time. Doesn’t it just seem like you would get a better blow that way? Researches at the University of Virginia seem to think so too.

They took CT scans and other measuments as patients coughed, sneezed, and blew their noses. They found that blowing your nose generated “enormous pressure.” Change has come to America as well as the world of kleenex. Next time you have the urge to blow, just do it one at a time.

Via NY Times.

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