Nadya Suleman annoys me

Nadya Suleman's Website

So, Nadya Suleman has a total of 14 kids right now. What annoys me is that she had no real plan before bringing the last set of children into this world. She wasn’t working. She was receiving disability. Hell, she already had 6 kids! What in the world could she be thinking. Her mother told the media that she loves children. Most people have addictions to inanimate objects and substances, not living, breathing, humans. 

People that only think in the short term are due for a very tough reality when they realize they don’t have a plan. Every decision I make, I try to always consider the long term before the short term. Sure, sometimes short term satisfaction can be nice. However, when you wake up tomorrow and realize you not only have the same problem you had last night, but also no idea what you are going to do about it today that can lead to much more than depression. 

Nadya now has a website where you can see her octuplets, leave her a message, and leave a donation. Donations seem to be the only option she realistically has in this situation. It’s a shame that this is probaly the only realistic option. Why does it seem she is hoping to get a deal from some network like John and Kate Plus 8?

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