Bhangra and the taxi driver


Way back in 2003 after a night in a great club in Newcastle, I caught what seemed like an ordinary taxi. From the markings of the private hire trade magazine on the outside of the van, there was no mistaking it from a UK taxi. So we jumped in and the driver greeted us with a big smile. I told him that we were heading to Durham, and once he noticed my accent I think he instantly became in interested in having a conversation.

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Do The Potty Dance!

pull-ups-the-potty-dance-1So, are you telling me you haven’t heard of the new latest dance craze? No, this is not another Soulja Boy production. It’s actually a Pull-Ups dance contest that has turned into a pretty formidable viral marketing campaign within itself. It’s time to do the Potty Dance!


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Kate Nash – Nicest Thing

Kate Nash - Nicest Thing

You know, sometimes you hear a song that not only brings back memories of the past, but also is very relevant to your future. I was listening to Pandora and this song by Kate Nash came on. I stopped what I was doing, and just listened to the lyrics. I was left smiling.

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Pandora and Last.FM Mashup

Pandora Internet Radio

Recently, I have become a fan of Pandora Radio, the Internet radio station that discovers music for you. It has replaced, but not elimiated, my previous addiction to Winamp’s shoutcast radio. I still listen to a lot of JRock and dance stations such as French Kiss FM in Winamp, but the majority of my time is spent letting Pandora discover what I should be listening to.

There are many services out there that claim to recommend similar artist that you will love. What sets Pandora apart is that they are powered by an amazing project called the Music Genome Project. The MGE categorizes music based on about 400 attributes to describe songs and a super complex mathmetical algorithm to organize them.

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Nadia Oh – N.A.D.I.A. OH

Nadia Oh’s self titled song. Been a fan of her since I heard the single Egyptian Lover. (Wasn’t that also the title to an 80s bengals song or something).

I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe its because she’s from the UK, and has those English eyes that leave you in a trance. Maybe it’s because she is absolutely gorgeous. Whatever it is, I like her sound.