You can eat this Play-Doh

Yummy Dough

I loved Play-Doh as a child. I mean, who didn’t like squishing, and molding it into anything your mind could imagine. But there was always one understood rule that you were scared into believing, and punished if you broke it… No eatting Play-Doh.

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Hillary would rather kiss Barak

It seems as though Hillary and Barak have definitely made up… and that she would rather kiss Barak than her own husband. Seems Bill has yet to live down that one time in band camp.


Nadya Suleman annoys me

Nadya Suleman's Website

So, Nadya Suleman has a total of 14 kids right now. What annoys me is that she had no real plan before bringing the last set of children into this world. She wasn’t working. She was receiving disability. Hell, she already had 6 kids! What in the world could she be thinking. Her mother told the media that she loves children. Most people have addictions to inanimate objects and substances, not living, breathing, humans. 

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How to blow your nose

Obama 2008You probally learned to blow your nose watching your parents as a child. That’s probaly where you picked up most of your bad habits. Have you ever wondered if you were blowing your nose correctly? You may have thought I was joking, but I can assure you the New York times thought it was important enough to take the time and explain how to blow your nose the correct way. Personally, I like to blow my nose one nostril at a time. Doesn’t it just seem like you would get a better blow that way? Researches at the University of Virginia seem to think so too.

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Apple’s MacBook Wheel

Apple is at it again, revolutionizing the way we use notebooks. What did we ever do before Apple?


Nadia Oh – N.A.D.I.A. OH

Nadia Oh’s self titled song. Been a fan of her since I heard the single Egyptian Lover. (Wasn’t that also the title to an 80s bengals song or something).

I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe its because she’s from the UK, and has those English eyes that leave you in a trance. Maybe it’s because she is absolutely gorgeous. Whatever it is, I like her sound.